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QuickWash Basin

Brand: Ropox

QuickWash is a smart, height-adjustable washbasin that can project off the wall. It means that you can lower the sink and move it out from the wall, increasing the legroom underneath it. This is a huge advantage for wheelchair users who often struggle to reach the tap because they cannot get close to the washbasin.

We deliver the handy washbasin preassembled, and since it does not require electricity, you can have it up and running very quickly. The cost-effective sink suits the needs of both standing and seated users and is a perfect fit for small bathrooms in private homes and assisted living facilities.

QuickWash makes washing hands easy for wheelchair users

Wheelchair users often struggle with a lack of legroom beneath a washbasin, making it difficult for them to get close to the sink. The QuickWash washbasin solves this problem, and at the same time, it suits standing users as well because it is height-adjustable.

It is a very user-friendly washbasin, and the handy size makes it ideal for confined spaces and smaller bathrooms, which are not designed for people with impairments..

Flexible in height and movement

The sink can project off the wall and lower itself 5.5” (14 cm) from its fixed point and move 4” (10 cm) out from the wall. This increases the space under the sink from 21″ (53 cm) to 25” (63 cm) and gives wheelchair users more of the much-needed legroom.

You adjust the height of the washbasin with the release handle on the side of the sink. It requires minimal effort, and still, the washbasin has a wide height adjustment range allowing both standing and seated users comfortable use of the sink.

Quick and easy to install

We deliver QuickWash preassembled as an all-in-one unit, and you do not need any additional parts to complete the mounting of the sink. Also, it does not require electricity, so you can have it up and running with minimal hassle. This makes it a cost-effective solution to enable people with disabilities to live as independently as possible.

Simple, tasteful and durable design

The washbasin is designed with simplicity in mind. It has an elegant, simple look while all features are designed specifically for people with special needs. It has a convenient size, and it is a perfect fit for small bathrooms that have to meet special requirements to provide more freedom and independence for the users.

Like all other ROPOX products, QuickWash has been tested and certified to all relevant ISO standards. This is your guarantee that the washbasin is durable and reliable for years to come.