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Tornado Body Dryer

Brand: Tornado Body Dryer

  • Company located in USA
    Customer Support is readily available at no cost
  • Proven Company / Proven Product   
    Company founded in 2009 by US Military Veterans
    Dryer is tried, tested and reliable. 1,000’s sold worldwide
    Updated with latest technologies 
  • Dryer requires very little space 
    Leaves room for bath chairs, etc.
    Can be installed even in small showers
  • Safe to have direct contact with water source
    All electronics located in the sealed pod at top
    Uses pneumatic (air pressure) on/off switch
    No need to install in separate area of shower
  • Dries full body from head to toes
    Even air distribution
    Swirling air envelopes entire body
    Can remain stationary while drying