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Brand: Liftup

EasyLift is an easy to use lifting platform giving access between two levels to wheelchair users and those with impaired mobility and walking restrictions. EasyLift incorporates clean lines and smooth surfaces into its elegant design, yet it is robustly constructed. These qualities make it an outstanding choice of lift and a simple, stylish and functional way to improve accessibility.

EasyLift is suitable for use indoors or outside, giving access in areas where there is a height difference in levels of up to 1.25m, for example in places currently served by a short flight of stairs. EasyLift operates smoothly, quickly and comfortably making it the class-leader in lifting platforms for the elderly, those with walking difficulties, and wheelchair users


  • Lifting capacity: 400 kg
  • Squeeze hazard protection
  • A stable, registered lifting principle giving a safe and comfortable travel
  • Flexible design makes the EasyLift the perfect solution everywhere
  • Minimum requirements for the installation site
  • Battery backup in case of power failure
  • Both indoor and outdoor use
EasyLift is easy to use, with adaptable design

EasyLift was designed by architects, something that can be seen in the clean, straight lines and the smooth-finish surfaces. The design is flexible, with many different installation options, meaning it can integrate seamlessly into its surroundings.

EasyLift can be easily operated via 3 buttons on the lift itself, via a supplied remote control, or via the control panels located above and below the lift. This intuitive operation and adaptable design make it suitable for many different situations and means all users will quickly become familiar with the EasyLift, wherever they first use it.

EasyLift provides a stable and comfortable lift

EasyLift provides one of the most stable and user-friendly lifting solutions available on the market right now.  An EasyLift is an investment that will quickly pay for itself in the convenience it offers, giving an easy solution to access problems in everyday environments.  It enables a better quality of life, allowing users to quickly and safely navigate between levels. The EasyLift is supported at all four corners, and only needs attaching to the adjacent structure at the front-end of the lift. This makes installation straightforward, and in most cases means structural changes are unnecessary. The four motors at each corner of the EasyLift work efficiently and simultaneously, giving a smooth, safe and stable lifting movement.

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