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Cardinal Outdoor Stair Lift

Brand: AmeriGlide

Safety Beyond Indoors

Safety should not be limited to just the inside your home. If you have patio steps, or stairs that are keeping you from enjoying the outdoor spaces of your home, you have come to the right place! Our Bespoke Outdoor Stair Lift bring you affordable accessibility to all of the outdoor spaces you love!

Equipped with all the same great features as most of our indoor stair lifts, the Bespoke Outdoor Stair Lift is designed with weatherproof components and a cover for protection in almost any climate.

The waterproof cover protects both the seat and carriage, ensuring that your lift is always clean, dry, and ready to use. The included rubber foot mat will provide extra traction to help prevent falls. Lastly, all electronic components and controls have been thoroughly insulated and protected so that your stair lift will continue to operate for many years to come.

The Bespoke Outdoor stair lift is the best solution to access all areas your home if you have:

  • front porch steps back deck
  • garden areas
  • long driveways detached driveways


  • Retractable Seatbelt – Just like a car seatbelt, easy to adjust and use, giving the user the best comfort and safety possible whilst operating the stair lift
  • Remote Controlled – Two remote controls are supplied giving convenient operation. The stair lift can be called up the staircase when it’s not in used.
  • Locking Keys – Two keys are included for locking the stairlift in an off position for added safety, preventing unwanted operation.
  • Comfort and Control – The soft start/stop function is enhanced by the complete comfort of the padded seat, backrest and ergonomic controls.