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Infiniti Curved Stair Lift

Brand: AmeriGlide

Stay living independently in your home.

Your stairs should never be your biggest obstacle while aging in place. Negotiating the stairs shouldn’t stop you from doing the things you want to do.

By choosing the Infinity curved stair lift, you can continue enjoying your entire home without worry.

Give peace of mind to yourself and others by installing an Infinity in your home.

With minimum assistance from others and its made-to-measure rail, the Infinity stair lift will keep you in good hands.

A Rail Designed Around Your Home

The Infinity rail is specifically designed to fit your staircase, no matter the shape.

The durable powder coated rail gives stability and ensures a smooth ride around each corner giving the best ride possible.


  • Retractable Seatbelt – Just like a car seatbelt, easy to adjust and use, giving the user the best comfort and safety possible whilst operating the stair lift
  • Remote Controlled – Two remote controls are supplied giving convenient operation. The stair lift can be called up the staircase when it’s not in used.
  • Locking Keys – Two keys are included for locking the stairlift in an off position for added safety, preventing unwanted operation.
  • Comfort and Control – The soft start/stop function is enhanced by the complete comfort of the padded seat, backrest and ergonomic controls.