“We’ll treat you like we would our own grandparent,” More Than a Slogan

"We'll treat you like we would our own grandparent," More Than a Slogan

More Than a Slogan

One of our slogans at EZ Mobility Solutions is that we’ll treat you like we would our own grandparent. On the surface, this sounds like the typical marketing phrase that can often come away sounding disingenuous. Would we really ask our own grandmother to purchase something that will cost them several thousand dollars? I can’t speak for everyone in answering this, but I can say for myself that the answer is a resounding NO! My grandmother has been spoiling me rotten since before I can remember, and the last thing that I personally would do while coming up to visit her in New York is propose she take a chunk of the money she lives on and put it toward a lift-chair, home ramp or ADA bathroom remodel. What I would do though, is buy her mobility products.

I began working at EZ Mobility Solutions in February and was placed in charge of managing a warehouse filled with sites that we install several times throughout the year in New York. While the traveling can be cumbersome at times, I’m grateful for it because it’s allowed me to reconnect with my grandmother who I’d gotten to see less than a handful of times in the five years prior. I now see her several times a month and have built a better relationship with her than ever before. I wouldn’t say that I was any more selfish than any other child, but the relationship between her and I had always been one in which she gave, and I received. If I wanted some new and sugary cereal that my parents wouldn’t buy for me, I knew if I told grandma that she’d have a box waiting for me that summer when I came to visit. Now though, I have the chance to repay her for all the memories and smiles that she gave to me. I want to be able to make life more enjoyable for her now.

My grandma lives alone with limited mobility. Grandpa died a few years back in a shower accident. So I know firsthand the dangers she faces each day, and it worries me sick.  Last time I was up there I saw her struggling down the stairs to her unfinished basement to try and surprise me by washing my clothes before breakfast – thankfully I woke up in time to stop her. The idea is an extremely sweet gesture by her, but significantly riskier with her mobility than you would think. Her process is to throw the laundry down a thirteen-step staircase, then walk backwards slowly while gripping a wooden rail that wobbles more than any support device has any right to. Finally, the battle is half done. She faces sideways and holds onto the rail tightly as she steps up a single stair at a time to return upstairs. The action is noticeably tiring for her and she stops after every handful of steps to rest, and cough. Somehow, she still must go back down to get the laundry and carry it back up the stairs as well. I don’t know how she manages this last step, as I’ve never let her do it while I’m present and able to do it for her. But I know she’s done it before on her own, and I know she’ll do it again. But not for much longer.

I’m not particularly wealthy, so I understand why the cost of a stair-lift may seem like an unnecessarily large expense. But I understand the importance of prioritizing what things are worth spending money on. I know her safety is worth every penny spent to protect, and that the cost of her having an accident now would be her freedom, or even her life. During my last trip up, I measured her stairs for a stair-glide and have been giddy ever since. Because I know that once it’s installed, she will never again have to take such a costly risk just to wear clean clothes. I know that she can continue living in the house she raised my father in. And I know that I’ll be able to spend a few more visits with my grandmother because she’ll be holding a basket in her lap as she rides up those stairs, not risking her life. So, when you read one of our advertisements and see that line “we’ll treat you like our own grandparent,” it’s not something that’s said without conviction. We truly believe that the mobility equipment, safety products and aids that we offer can change, and even save the lives of the people we care about. And we’d like to be able to positively change the lives of your loved ones as well.

Roger B.

Social Media and Marketing