Benefits Of Power Lift Chairs

Benefits Of Power Lift Chairs

Lift chairs can be a very beneficial device to add to your home. They allow you to relax and recline in your own home without the fear that you will not be able to get back into a standing position. It sounds like such a simple pleasure to be able to enjoy right? With that in mind, perhaps one of the biggest benefits of lift chair recliners is the fact that they let you get back to doing the things you like to do in your own home. 

Unlike regular recliners, lift chairs are designed to help people recline and then get back to a standing position with little to no assistance. They use a mechanical apparatus to gently help you recline back or give you the natural boost you need to stand back up again. 

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For A Lift Chair?

Anyone who could use mobility assistance getting from a seated position back to standing is the ideal candidate for a power lift chair. Elderly people who have limited mobility, or those individuals who may experience long-term mobility issues are good candidates for adding a lift chair to your home. Lift chairs are also extremely helpful for patients that are recovering from surgery. A lift chair can be a good alternative to a hospital bed if you are just looking for a device to help you stay comfortable whether sitting or reclining. 

Will A Lift Chair Help Caregivers?

Yes! Lift chairs are an excellent resource for caregivers! Since they offer the additional momentum needed to go from sitting to standing, it makes it easier for caregivers to assist people when they are getting out of their chair. Depending on the level of disability or present mobility issues, many people do not even require caregiver assistance to get in and out of their lift chairs. 

How To Get A Lift Chair

If you or a loved one could benefit from a lift chair in your home, reach out to EZ Mobility Solutions today. We are an authorized Pride Mobility dealer with a wide selection of power mobility chairs for sale or rent. Depending on your needs, a lift chair may be considered a medical device that could be covered by your medical insurance.