COVID-19: Produce Sneezes and Milk Aisle Wheezes

COVID-19: Produce Sneezes and Milk Aisle Wheezes

You’re doing your part. You’re staying home, washing your hands, and streaming that show about the big cats. Eventually however, you may have to leave your home to endure the hunt for the elusive roll of TP or visit the “essential” store. Again, you do your part. Mask on, maintaining six feet of social distancing and having your hand sanitizer ready in wait in your car.

It’s different. No interaction. Everyone almost looks suspect at everyone else. “Does he have it? Does she have it? DO I HAVE IT?!?!”
COVID-19 is such a complicated beast. Symptoms, if any, vary. Results of infection are far reaching, from just resting up at home to being intubated in the hospital. And in some cases, worse.

Is that sneeze you hear over by the produce COVID-19 or allergies?

Is that heavy breathing in the milk aisle COVID-19 or asthma?

Is that cough echoing off the empty paper product shelves COVID-19 or just a cold?

Below is a link to a Harvard Medical School article that outlines the symptoms of these various ailments and may help you better judge whether you should seek medical attention. But if you do think you may have COVID-19 please contact your medical professional.

At EZ Mobility Solutions we are being diligent about keeping our customers and employees well. We take and record our temperatures every morning, maintain a six-foot distance from each other, and we’re going through hand soap like Carole Baskin goes through animal print clothing.

We hope you all stay healthy and please, try to stay positive. This won’t last forever!