How Do You Get Out Of A Walk In Bathtub?

Walk In Tub

Walk in bathtubs are an excellent mobility product that allow those with mobility issues to get in and out of their bathtub in a safer manner. Instead of a standard tub with a solid wall, these convenient bathroom installations feature a door that opens and closes for easier tub entry. Given that the bathtub has a door, a common question is how do you get out of a walk in bathtub without causing water to leak out? This question makes complete sense. Nobody wants to flood their bathroom.

In order to get in and out of walk in bathtubs without leaking water, it is necessary to both fill and drain the tub only when the door is closed. Once the door is closed, a watertight door seal keeps the water inside the tub. Many people are concerned about the idea of having to wait for the water to fill or drain while they are sitting in the tub – things could get a little chilly right? The truth is, despite this minor inconvenience, walk in bathtubs still offer great bathing solutions for those facing mobility challenges or who just want to feel safer entering and exiting their tub. Today’s walk in tub models usually feature fast fill and quick drain options, so you do not have to wait very long before you can get out of the tub.

Signs of stress What are some of the safety features of a walk in tub?

The safety features on each individual tub will vary by manufacturer, however typically you will find that these types of tubs are designed for safety and accessibility. Most feature slip-resistant surfaces with a safe step to get in and out. The also commonly have handrails and grab bars for additional safety and an ADA-compliant built-in seat. You can also usually choose between an outward opening door or a swinging door that opens inward based on your preference.

In addition to their safety features, you can usually choose some nice upgrades for your tub to enhance your bathing experience. How about water jets or whirlpool for a more spa-like hydrotherapy experience? Some tubs even come with a heated seat, which helps keep you warm while you wait for the hot water while the tub fills or drains.

What are the alternatives to a walk in bathtub?

Although walk in tubs can be a great mobility solution, they can also come with a high price tag. Pricing is typically determined based on the model of the tub you choose, along with the amount of time and labor needed for installation. Most walk in bathtubs range from $5,000 – $20,000.

There are bathroom mobility solutions available to you though, if a new walk in tub isn’t the ideal fit. At EZ Mobility Solutions, we are pleased to offer installation of Bestbath ADA code compliant and barrier free walk in showers that are also wheelchair accessible. In many cases, we can easily modify your current space to accommodate a new walk in shower in place of your old bathtub.

If you are still happy with your traditional tub, but would like the added safety features of a walk in, our CleanCut Tubs solution might be for you. With CleanCut, we can modify your current tub to be a step in shower or walk in tub, without the need to purchase a brand new bathtub.

At EZ Mobility Solutions, it is our goal to help you make your home more accessible and safer for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come. If we can answer any questions about walk in tubs or bathroom mobility options, please give us a call at our phone number today. 855-263-8881