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AL835 Pickup 350 HD

Brand: Harmar

Heavy-duty mobility devices have nothing on the AL835. Safely and smoothly load your scooter, manual wheelchair, or powerchair into your truck’s bed with minimal effort. The hoist lift will do the heavy lifting! Complete with fully powered lifting and rotation, this high-capacity truck lift can help you transport virtually any mobility device weighing up to 350 lb.

  • The AL835 is optimal for manual wheelchairs, powerchairs, and scooters weighing up to 350 lb.
  • Compatible with most trucks.
  • This hoist lift provides fully powered lifting and rotation.
  • Lifts and secures your mobility device close to the driver or passenger side of your truck, depending on the install location
  •  Complete with fully powered lifting and rotation
  •  Offset base mounting is great for fitting tightly into your truck’s sidewall and fender walls
  •  Comes with dashboard-mounted on/off switch
  •  Designed with a dual-strapped hook to prevent your mobility device from spinning while loading and unloading