When a Ramp is Not Enough

When a Ramp is Not Enough

Here are some basic facts for you:

  • Just over 6.8 million people in America use some sort of device to assist them with their mobility.
  • 1.7 million of these Americans use a wheelchair.
  • Of the wheelchair users, roughly 90% are using a manual wheelchair.

For many of these folks, their mobility issue is the result of age.  Many of them have been injured, and often times that injury was sustained while in military service.  As our society ages and more veterans return home injured, this population isn’t getting any smaller.


The single biggest issue for someone who has mobility issues is the simple access to and from their home.  They miss doctor’s appointments, quit going to church, and stop visiting with friends.  They often end up as virtual hermits.  Their issue is often the ability to navigate stairs.  But sometimes, the solution is as simple as a small transition to get through a doorway.

In addition to custom wheelchair ramps that can be configured to make any doorway reachable, we also offer smaller ramps and transitions for smaller access issues.  In the grand scheme of things, no mobility issue is small, but getting over a single stair may make the difference between isolation and a healthy lifestyle.

And this problem doesn’t stop at someone’s home.

Perhaps you have a house of worship?  How many in your congregation are facing these sorts of issues?  While the American’s with Disabilities Act requires that public buildings provide reasonable accommodations, is the front door of your church or temple preventing worshipers from coming to services?


How about family gatherings?  Is your loved one missing out on Thanksgiving or planned vacations because the host home doesn’t have the means to provide access?

One of our most popular services is providing temporary and portable devices and solutions for those not actually living with a loss of mobility.  A simple threshold transition can be purchased, put in place when needed, and then stored when not.  A small wheelchair ramp can be rented and installed, and then removed when no longer needed.  We offer these services for private homes, businesses, and even for vacation rentals.  And when rented, we find that landlords and property managers are most agreeable, as our solutions don’t require any changes to the integrity of the property.  They can be installed independent of the building.

Don’t let your loved one become a shut-in.  Our solutions can provide mobility for more than just the immediate home.  And no impediment is too small for us to scale.