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AL6000 Hybrid Platform Lift

Brand: Harmar

Save space in your garage and keep your rearview camera in use with Harmar’s AL6000 or AL6000HD hybrid lift. Complete with powerhouse lifting capabilities, this hybrid vehicle lift is optimal for lifting most powerchairs or scooters and safely transporting your mobility device in your vehicle’s cargo area.

  • The AL6000 and AL6000HD are optimal for virtually all powerchairs and scooters up to 350 lb or 400 lb (HD).
  • Compatible with most minivans, SUVs, and vans.
  • This lift series offers transportation for your mobility device inside your vehicle’s cargo area, securing the powerchair or scooter with either 4 cam buckles (AL6000) or a padded hold-down arm (AL6000HD).
  • Carries virtually all standard power chairs and scooters
  •  Allows continued use of second row seating; no drilling required in most vehicles
  •  Remote hand control