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Brand: Liftup

The FlexStep stairlift is designed to function both as an ordinary staircase and as a wheelchair lift. Developed and manufactured by Liftup, the FlexStep is flexible and equally useful for pedestrians and wheelchair users alike. FlexStep is an innovative 2-in-1 solution and saves space compared to installing both a flight of stairs and a separate lift.

FlexStep has many configuration and installation options, making it easy to integrate your new stairlift into the existing surroundings. FlexStep is the perfect solution for both wheelchair users and pedestrians, giving easy access between levels and is particularly useful where space is tight and there would not be room to install both a lift and a flight of stairs


  • Innovative, effective design for disabled access
  • High Quality European product
  • Easy to integrate in both new and existing buildings
  • Both indoor and outdoor use
  • No structural alterations are necessary, just a level floor
  • Safe to use
  • Runs even during power failures
An adaptable, space-saving stairlift

If finding space for both a flight of stairs and a stairlift is proving problematic, a FlexStep stairlift could be the answer you are looking for. This clever 2-in-1 stairlift and steps solution gives you both stairs and a stairlift even in the tightest places; if you have room for stairs, there’s room for a FlexStep stairlift. The FlexStep can be configured as a flight of stairs, and then be transformed quickly into a platform lift at the touch of a button – for example when a wheelchair user, or person with impaired walking needs a lift between levels.

FlexStep offers lots of customization options giving you the flexibility to match your existing décor if you wish, or the ability to choose something complementary. Customizable options include the finish material, color, installation configuration and more.

The FlexStep stairlift is built with safety as a top priority

FlexStep has many safety features built in ensuring a optimized safety. Safety door and barriers prevent falling, and four intelligent, synchronized motors, one at each corner, ensure a smooth and safe movement between levels. Whichever specification and configuration of FlexStep you choose, all of them come with all the safety features needed built-in. This gives you peace of mind in operation, and you can use it with confidence.

Would you like to find out more about our FlexStep stairlift?

FlexStep is a flexible, space-efficient stairlift, which makes moving between levels safer and easier for pedestrians and wheelchair users alike. If you would like to find out more about FlexStep you are welcome to contact us for more information about the stairlift, configuration options, our pricing, delivery and service.  We are sure you will appreciate the FlexStep and it will quickly become a part of your daily life, because you can configure it exactly as you need it.  You can also browse our other products and see recommendations and feedback from existing users. Liftup will make everyday life easier for you!