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Brand: Spectrum Aquatics

The Elkhorn manual powered pool lift is designed for installation in the decks of in-ground and above-ground pools and spas. A single lever hydraulic ram raises and lowers the occupant into and out of the water. Ease of rotation is due to the Elkhorn’s unique 2 3/8″ sleeved stainless steel anchor system; the unit is virtually frictionless.


• 400 pound operating load capacity
• Only manual powered lift with supporting load calculations on the market
• Easy to operate
• Easy to install, even into existing concrete decks
• Single anchor point
• The lifting mechanism is a hydraulic ram
• Ease of rotation due to unique 2 3/8 inch sleeved stainless steel anchor system
• Portable and lightweight, weighing less than 60 pounds
• Economical
• Accommodates multiple setbacks, allowing for installation on pools/spas with large gutters and/or coping stone