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  • ADA compliant & UL safety certified
  • 325 lb. (147 kg) weight capacity
  • Whisper-quiet 255-degree rotation
  • Stainless steel construction construction with powder coat finish
  • Five year limited warranty
  • Made in USA

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The Mighty Voyager

Brand: Aqua Creek Products

The ADA Compliant, UL Certified, Mighty Voyager lift is an affordable portable lift that provides access to in-ground and some partially raised pools and spas.  The low profile design makes this lift easily blend in at any pool, and being portable, the lift can easily be rolled on its large 6-inch rubber casters to be stored away from the pool without the need for a separate transport cart.  The large 15-inch square opening in the ballast cover allows for easy filling and removal of the sand counter-weight through use of a vacuum or bucket if necessary.  This lift comes complete with an ADA fixing anchor to meet U.S. Federal ADA regulations.

*Note: Granite colors are not available for the ballast tank.