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Adaptline Washbasin

Brand: Ropox

A disability-friendly washbasin that takes up very little space

AdaptLine is a range of washbasin models that were created for small bathrooms. The washbasins are mounted on the wall, have a width of 23-1/2″ and meet specific disability-friendly requirements.

The AdaptLine washbasins take both the users’ and the caregivers’ needs into consideration without compromising on design or functionality.

Three washbasin models in the AdaptLine range

Like the StandardLine and SlimLine washbasin series, the AdaptLine offers the possibility to choose the washbasin model you prefer.  AdaptLine includes three models that are all disability-friendly with key differences. All three models are highly suitable for wheelchair users with maximum legroom beneath the washbasin and each may be fitted on the unit which gives you the option to exchange the washbasins if needed.

Standard washbasin model

The Standard washbasin model has a simple and stylish design. This functional and practical washbasin with overflow that helps drain the washbasin.

The basin is 18-3/4″ wide (overflow included).

Support washbasin model

The Support washbasin model is designed with integrated handrails on the front of the sink. The washbasin is thoroughly tested to comply with relevant standards for assistive aids, and can be used as a support grab for users with mobility disabilities who need extra support to keep balanced. Wheelchair users have free access to the washbasin and can easily come close to the washbasin.

The basin is 25-1/2″ wide (overflow not included).

Adjust the washbasin for individual needs

The AdaptLine washbasins are available with manual height adjustment by handle. The height adjustment range is 7-3/4″.

A range of mixer taps are available for certain situations: extended levers, handicap-friendly grip or touchless feature are all optional accessories offered with the AdaptLine washbasins.

Easy to fit into any interior

AdaptLine is a series of practical washbasins with all of the required features that the elderly and disabled people need. This is an excellent flexible yet elegant solution when space is limited.

If you are looking to exchange an existing washbasin, the AdaptLine models are all easy to adapt to existing water installations and drains and may also be supplied as a unit which is compatible with most standard washbasins

On the AdaptLine washbasins, the plumbing kit is visible.