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SwingLine Washbasin

Brand: Ropox

SwingLine is a flexible, height-adjustable washbasin that can significantly improve the independence of people with disabilities. The basin may rotate and swing 180 ̊ making it flexible and movable.

The ideal solution for wheelchair users, the SwingLine is easy to adjust in height with plenty of room under the basin for a wheelchair. This washbasin allows for easy to access from all sides, and the user or caregiver can easily swing it to the side to create sufficient turning area for a wheelchair.

The flexibility of the washbasin truly enables the users to become more self-reliant, while providing a better working environment for the caregivers.

The ideal washbasin for wheelchair users and walking impaired

Personal care is not always easy for people with mobility disabilities. With the right aids they can become more self-reliant while improving their quality-of-life.

The SwingLine washbasin is probably the most user-friendly basin for wheelchair users and walking impaired. There is sufficient room for the chair to get under the sink. The rotating feature of the basin also makes it possible to create the largest possible turning area for a wheelchair.

The flexibility of the washbasin allows the users to be more independent

It is essential that the bathroom design and layout meet the user’s individual needs.

The SwingLine washbasin can rotate and swing 180 ̊ making it easier for people with mobility disabilities to complete personal care. The user can swing the washbasin in front of the toilet and wash their hands while seated reducing the number of transfers to the washbasin.

The shape and size of the washbasin ensure that both seated and standing users can use the washbasin from several sides creating optimal accessibility for the user.

Due to the reduced number of physical transfers needed, the caregivers’ work environment is also improved with the SwingLine.

Height adjustment makes it easier to wash hands

SwingLine washbasin is available with manual height adjustment. Depending on the model, the height adjustment range is 6″ for models without dock-in and 7-3/4″ for models with dock-in allowing the height of the sink to be set to meet the user’s needs. The height is easily adjusted to suit both standing and seated users or caregivers.

Room for toiletries

If you prefer extra room for toiletries, you may choose a model with a dock-in option. Once the washbasin is docked, you get the look of a standard vanity washbasin with the benefit of extra space for hand soap, hand lotion, toothbrush, and other toiletries, you would like to have nearby.  A detachable accessory tray is also available for additional storage space.

The SwingLine dock-in model allows for the same flexibility provided on the models without dock in.

Benefits for the user and their caregivers

SwingLine washbasin is the perfect sink for wheelchair users, designed specifically with their needs and requirements in mind. The flexibility of the sink enables them to become more independent and self-reliant in the daily personal care routines, which improves their quality-of-life.

The work environment of the caregivers is improved with the ability to move the washbasin to an optimum care position, while offering an easy to clean design.

The SwingLine is an ideal solution for both users and caregivers.