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SupportLine Washbasin

Brand: Ropox

SupportLine is an ergonomic washbasin that may be adjusted to the individual user’s needs. With its many support points, this washbasin helps reduce the risk of falling injuries. The integrated handrails are a reliable support when the user needs to stand up or sit down at the washbasin..

A washbasin that allows people with special needs be more self-reliant

SupportLine washbasin is designed for mobility impaired users and seniors who need extra support. For users with special needs, it is critical that the proper assistive aids are available in the bathroom because a combination of water and slippery tiles can increase the risk of falling. The solutions in the bathroom must prevent these incidents from happening and provide the users with the confidence that the bathroom is safe and reliable for them to use, improving their quality-of-life.

Reliable and stable washbasin for people with limited mobility

The ergonomic SupportLine washbasin is especially suitable for walking impaired and people with limited mobility. The integrated, ergonomic grab rails may provide support when getting up or sitting down.

For those with balance issues the support rails will assist when moving around the bathroom. The sideways slide allows the user to use the integrated handrails as support grabs when walking to the toilet.

A wheelchair user will also find the handrails useful when turning the wheelchair or to pull themselves closer to the washbasin.  The SupportLine washbasin has sufficient legroom beneath the washbasin for those who are sitting.

To assist people with dementia to see and recognize the grabs and washbasin, optional contrasting colors are available (special order).

The fixture’s scald protection ensures that the fixture always has a comfortable temperature to the touch, preventing injury or discomfort.

A washbasin you can slide sideways and adjust in height

Support rails are one of the most important aids in a bathroom. The slideways slide of the washbasin with integrated handrails is perhaps the biggest advantage of the SupportLine washbasin because it allows the user to always have the support needed within reach.

The reliability and stable support of the washbasin allows the users and caregivers feel safer.

Available in fixed height or adjustable, manual or electric, this washbasin is suitable for most individuals.

A cleaning-friendly vanity washbasin for private homes, nursing homes, and hospitals

SupportLine washbasin have an ergonomic design with corners and edges that are elegantly rounded ensuring they are easy to clean.

Regardless of whether you need a washbasin in a private home, a nursing home, a care center or a hospital, SupportLine will be a high-quality solution that is reliable and flexible allowing the user to be more independent.

Simple, tasteful and durable design

The washbasin is designed with simplicity in mind. It has an elegant, simple look while all features are designed specifically for people with special needs. It has a convenient size, and it is a perfect fit for small bathrooms that have to meet special requirements to provide more freedom and independence for the users.

Like all other ROPOX products, QuickWash has been tested and certified to all relevant ISO standards. This is your guarantee that the washbasin is durable and reliable for years to come.